For up-to-date details of PRA & PARA Regt events see Parachute Regt Association Events’ List Details

Date Event Location
28 April Airborne Alliance Muster Dunfermline
11 May 4 PARA Club Lunch – 4 PARA CLUB 2019 Flyer Leeds
11 May Airborne Officers’ Ladies Night Booking Form The Royal Scots Club,Edinburgh
12 May Hardwick Hall Memorial Service Hardwick Hall
18 May PARAs 10 Colchester
1 June 12th ABN Lunch Time Party C&G Club, London
3-7 June 75th Anniversary of Normandy celebrations France
16 June Pangbourne (Falkland Island) Service Pangbourne
22 June NMA Regtl Comm Service NMA
29 June Armed Forces Day Salisbury
29 June Colchester Garrison & 16X show Colchester
29 June Airborne Forces Day South Whale Island
6 July Unveiling of Airborne Soldier Bronze Memorial Garrison Church, Aldershot
13 July Eden Camp Parade (PRA March) Yorkshire
TBC July Toot Baldon Memorial Service Toot Baldon
TBC July Airborne Forces Day South Whale Island
TBC July Parachute Regiment v Royal Marines – Rugby
TBC July Wigley Gp Dinner/Charity Golf (PRC Event)
20-22 September Arnhem 75 Holland
7 September PARAs 10 Catterick
7 September Kiel Canal commemoration Glasgow
7-8 September Somerby FOTT (Friends Of The Tenth) Unveiling and parade Somerby
7-8 September PARA 2 Club Reunion – More details here Stoke Rochford
11 September Kiel Canal Remembrance Event –Kiel Canal 2019 Germany
20-22 September Arnhem 75 Netherlands
TBC September Chilbolton Memorial Service Chilbolton
5 October WOs’ & Sgts’ Mess Past & Present Dinner STA
11 October Officers’ Annual Dinner (19:00) C&G Club
TBC October 10 PARA Reunion London
6 November RBL Field of Remembrance Westminster
8 November St Paul’s & St Lawrence Jewry Services London
10 November Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph Parade London
10 November Remembrance Sunday at Duxford – Free Entry Duxford
22-23 November 55th Anniversary of the Red Devils Blackpool