For up-to-date details of PRA & PARA Regt events see Parachute Regt Association Events’ List Details

Date Event Location
1 September Double Hills 75th Anniversary Commemoration Paulton, BS39 7LU
20-22 September Arnhem 75 Holland
7 September PARAs 10 Catterick
7 September Kiel Canal commemoration Glasgow
7-8 September Somerby FOTT (Friends Of The Tenth) Unveiling and parade Somerby
7-8 September PARA 2 Club Reunion – More details here Stoke Rochford
11 September Kiel Canal Remembrance Event –Kiel Canal 2019 Germany
20-22 September Arnhem 75 Netherlands
TBC September Chilbolton Memorial Service Chilbolton
5 October WOs’ & Sgts’ Mess Past & Present Dinner STA
11 October Officers’ Annual Dinner (19:00)

PARA Regt Officers’ Dinner Proforma

Officers’ Dinner Invitation

C&G Club
TBC October 10 PARA Reunion London
6 November RBL Field of Remembrance Westminster
8 November St Paul’s & St Lawrence Jewry Services London
10 November Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph Parade London
10 November Remembrance Sunday at Duxford – Free Entry Duxford
22-23 November 55th Anniversary of the Red Devils Blackpool
30 May ABN Annual Lunch Time Reception C&G Club, London