Craig Allen

Craig Allen, a Paratrooper for 29 years, returned to 2 PARA as a reservist and unofficial photographer for the Battlegroup’s dramatic 2008 Tour in Helmand.

As both a respected soldier and photographer he had unrivaled access to the fighting and moved from area to area following the action. Every evening he wrote up his experiences and those of the men he was with, whose trust he had as ‘a member of the club’. He had a ringside seat to a very costly summer tour, with the Taliban proving themselves worthy enemies to even the most elite British Army soldiers.

With the Paras in Helmand: A Photographic Diary

With the Paras in Helmand: A Photographic Diary


With the Paras in Helmand is an account of the 2008 tour and a percentage of each book sold will go towards the Afghan Trust

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