David Marfleet

David Marfleet is the Director of Giving the Best, a management consultancy specialising in the voluntary sector. He has extensive experience at senior management and board level in the voluntary sector and recently retired as the Chairman of an international NGO. David is a much sought-after conference speaker and trainer.

Grow Your Own Charity

Grow Your Own Charity


Grow Your Own Charity is a vital tool for all those in leadership of new charities. It sets out clearly and concisely how to plan strategically while developing structures for financial stability and systematic growth. David Marfleet knows charities from the inside out, this is a brilliantly practical guide to sorting out the back office so that you can concentrate on the real business of helping others. Danny Kruger, founder of Only Connect UK. David Marfleet has expressed in a few pages what it has taken me years to learn about running a small charity.


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